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Menu - Ewasafi in Neve Tzedek, Tel Aviv

Menu - Ewasafi in Neve Tzedek, Tel Aviv



Homemade Moroccan Farina Bread
12 ₪
Served with a plate of hot pickles.
Lala Suleika’s Matbucha
14 ₪
Slow cooked tomato salad with garlic and hot peppers.
“Har Bracha” tehina
12 ₪
A Mediterranean spread made of roasted and ground sesame seeds and seasonings.
Mixed Moroccan Olives
8 ₪


Platter of Homemade Salads with Farina Bread
49 ₪
Traditional beetroot, spicy Moroccan carrots, creamed chargrilled eggplant, potato salad, spicy tomatoes
Each Salad Separately
9 ₪
Plate of Spicy Pickles
9 ₪
Sahka - Moroccan harissa (shatta chili pepper spread with garlic, oil and spices),
Zitune (a mix of Moroccan olives and hotshipka peppers), and Hot Peppers

First Courses

Fish Pastilla
46 ₪
A pastilla with a mixture of fresh fish (meagre and sea bream), herbs, gazpacho,
tehina, and herb pesto.
Moroccan Fish
54 ₪
Meager fillet in a traditional Moroccan sauce, red paprika, shatta chili pepper, garlic and fresh coriander, served with sweet bun
Fish Patties
52 ₪
Fresh meager and sea bream in Moroccan sauce, with fish stock, peppers, garlic and coriander. served with sweet bun.
Slow-Cooked Lamb Pastilla
56 ₪
Grilled spring chicken, tanziya (caramelized dried fruit), almonds wrapped in a crisp filo pastry envelope with pumpkin and caramelized chili.
Contains Gluten
Beef Cigars
55 ₪
Filled with slow cooked beef ribs and asado in spicy Moroccan seasoning, served with tehina, lemon zucchini and cucumber salad. Contains Gluten
Slow-Cooked Veal Cheek
49 ₪
veal cheek with beef stock, whole chickpeas & “Har Bracha” tehina.
Vegetable Patties
42 ₪
On a m’sabbaha of vegetable stock, lentils, white tehina and fresh coriander. Contains Gluten
Fresh Herb Salad
39 ₪
Parsley, coriander, mint, cranberries, toasted almonds, olive oil
a touch of couscous and raw tehina. Contains Gluten
Market Vegetable Salad
39 ₪
Coarsely cut salad seasoned with olive oil, lemon juice, olives and herbs.
Moroccan Fries
24 ₪
Mixture of Moroccan seasonings.

Main Courses

Vegetarian Couscous Tajine
69 ₪
Homemade couscous with root vegetables and chickpeas.
Veal Cheeks Tajine
108 ₪
Slow cooked with beef stock, chickpeas, and couscous.
Shoulder Roast Tajine
112 ₪
Slow cooked roast with onion, turmeric and saffron.
Veal Sweetbread Tajine
136 ₪
Spicy veal sweetbreads, served with couscous.
Lamb and Prune Tajine
148 ₪
Slow cooked lamb with onion, caramelized prunes and
cinnamon, served with vegetable couscous and sweet pumpkin confit.
Dishes cooked in the tajine
a traditional Moroccan earthenware cooking pot


Spring Chicken
84 ₪
Marinated in our house marinade and spice blend, with Ewa Safi fries.
Beef Fillet
164 ₪
Beef tenderloin with medium – sweet wine and roasted vegetables.
*Entrecote Steak
63 ₪
With Grilled Vegetables.
per 100 gr.
*Lamb Ribs
69 ₪
With Grilled Vegetables.
per 100 gr
Beef Sirloin
148 ₪
With Grilled Vegetables.
Optional side dish: Couscous / Market Salad / Moroccan fries
*Weights starting from 300 grams and above

Suleika Recommends

Lamb Spare Ribs
142 ₪
Slow cooked lamb spare ribs with prune glaze and caramelized onions.
89 ₪
Brains in a hot red sauce, coriander, Poached Tomatoes & Moroccan seasoning. served with sweet bun.