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Noon menu - Ewasafi in Neve Tzedek, Tel Aviv

Noon menu - Ewasafi in Neve Tzedek, Tel Aviv



Homemade Moroccan Farina Bread served with Plate of Spicy Pickles
18 ₪
Platter of Homemade Salads
44 ₪
Traditional beetroot, spicy Moroccan carrots,
creamed chargrilled eggplant, potato salad, spicy peppers, spicy tomatoes, Lala Suleika’s Matbucha & “Har Bracha” tehina

First dishes

Beef Cigars
39 ₪
2 Cigars filled with slow cooked beef ribs and asado in spicy Moroccan
seasoning, served with tehina, lemon zucchini and cucumber salad. Contains Gluten
Slow-Cooked Lamb Pastilla
39 ₪
Grilled spring chicken, tanziya (caramelized dried fruit),
almonds, warpped in a crisp filo pastry envelope with sweet pumpkin candy. Contains Gluten
Vegetable Patties
39 ₪
On a m’sabbaha of vegetabele stock, lentils, white tehina,
and fresh coriander. Contains Gluten
Fish Patties
42 ₪
Fresh meager and sea bream in Moroccan sauce, with fish stock, peppers, garlic and coriander. served with sweet bun
Fresh Herb Salad
38 ₪
Parsley, coriander, mint, cranberries, toasted almonds, olive oil,
a touch of couscous and raw tehina. Contains Gluten.
Market Vegetable Salad
38 ₪
Coarsely cut salad seasoned with olive oil, lemon juice,
olives and herbs


Vegetarian Couscous Tajine
59 ₪
Homemade couscous with root vegetables and chickpeas
Chicken Tajine
69 ₪
Slow cooked chicken with onions and cinnamon
Meatballs Tajine
69 ₪
Meatballs in tomatoes sauce, vegetables and beef stock
Shoulder Roast Tajine
89 ₪
Slow cooked roast with onion, turmeric and saffron
Veal cheek Tajine
89 ₪
Slow cooked veal cheek with beef stock and chickpeas
Tajine Dishes comes with Vegetable Couscous.



Spring Chicken
69 ₪
Sahka Marinade and spice blend
Lamb Kabab
69 ₪
Fresh Herbs, onion and spices.
Merguez Sausages
69 ₪
With our spice blend.


Lamb Kabab Farina
48 ₪
lamb kabab, tehina, Sahka, matbucha, vegetable salad and parsley
Vegetarian Farina
48 ₪
Vegetables patties, eggplant cream, carrots and tehina
Meatballs Farina
48 ₪
Meatballs , tehina, matbucha and parsley leaves.
Fish Patties Farina
48 ₪
Fish patties, matbucha, coriander, peppers, carrot and garli


Farina bread and a plate of spicy pickle
78 ₪
Vegetarian Couscous Tajine


Farina bread and a plate of spicy pickles First Course
88 ₪
Spring Chicken \ Chicken Tajine
Merguez Sausages \ Meatballs Tajine
Lamb Kabab


Farina bread and a plate of spicy pickles First Course
108 ₪
Veel Cheek Tajine / Shoulder Roast Tajine


Moroccan sfinj
38 ₪

2Vats House Wine- ₪18



Casablanca fashion
28 ₪
Van Gogh vodka, lychee liquor, watermelon liquor, sour mix,
cranberry juice
Marrakech express
28 ₪
Van Gogh vodka, coconut,
almonds, pineapple.